Welcome to my home page.

The main pages are in Faroese but I shall provide summaries and translations in English.

Much of my work is in English anyway, including my thesis on West Nordic Constitutional Judicial Review due to be published by DJØF.


According to Amazon: ‘This book formulates a theory of constitutional judicial review applicable to West-Nordic judicial review and reasoning. The pros and cons of judicial review are well known to most people interested in the subject. Conversely, this thesis is not on what ought to be. Rather, the focus will be on what constitutional judicial review actually is in the West-Nordic countries. Thesis.’


2 thoughts on “English

  1. Hello from Port Henry, NY. Your book sounds very interesting and seems to relate to the changing times. The cover brought back fond memories for Werner as a young boy in Vestmana. When they saw the cars coming down the road from the milk boat in Kollafjord, the boys would run up and open the gate. They were awarded 25 ore and they were hoping the cars were far enough apart as they could close the gate and reopen it for the next. Just a small memory from a small boy with a smile on his face.
    Please say hello to our a’ Rogvi family. We would love to visit The Faroe Islands as it has been a few years since last when visiting Werners daughter, Ann, in Denmark.
    Very sincerely,
    Werner a’ Rogvi Hansen and Janet

    • Hi there!

      Always good to hear from dipersed clan á Rógvi.

      We shall certainly welcome you both the Faroes and Denmark – but always particularly in Vestmanna.

      I remeber my granny (Guldborg) telling me she accidently took the milk boat to Eysturoy rather than Tórshavn from Kollafjørður.

      The cover is by my maternal grandfather – glad to hear of its quality to convey the feeling of the Faroes.

      Hope to see you!



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